Tri-Krete Limited was established in 1977 and has become known for meeting construction challenges head on. Our keen awareness to current design trends, environment concerns and budgetary sensitivity, positions Tri- Krete as a key team player in the industry.

We have earned our reputation as a leader in the manufacturing of architectural and structural precast concrete. This is supported by the numerous award winning designs Tri-Krete has received over the years.

Our staff is an experienced group who are able to adapt to unique and difficult challenges. The speed of construction and meeting of critical deadlines reinforce our reputation. We have built a solid track record of excellence and achievement.

Many noteworthy offices, residential and institutional complexes have been constructed through our effort. Tri-Krete’s experience and capabilities are not only limited to new projects. Renovations and old stone work duplications have become another satisfying and distinguished trade mark.

Tri-Krete will continue to provide the construction industry with solutions to the most complex and original precast concrete manufacturing designs.

If you are looking for a team to meet the most difficult challenges; on time, on budget and with top quality, please call us